Awesome Friends

We seriously have some awesome friends…seriously. Yesterday was ‘happy mail’ day, I got not 1 but 2 packages in the mail. I take that back, Sofia got 2 packages in the mail! Yay for diapers 🙂 These are really awesome diapers that we can use from month 2-9 (I didn’t have any that small so this is one of the best presents we’ve received thus far, thanks Lauren!!

 Then a huge box from Target had this tub in it! It’s from one of the hubb’s co-workers that’s currently working over-seas and was awesome to think of our little Sofia! She’s so spoiled already, but we sure do love her!








And I’m not sure if I uploaded this but a friend from work (that actually just had her baby last week) got us the coolest mini-diaper bag ever! I’ve been wanting one for so long…mainly for how cute it is but whatever the case it’s mine now 🙂 Petunia Picklebottom, you have my heart!