CD19, 3 DPO

Yes…those are my toes 🙂 I went bold when I got the pedicure, that doesn’t typically happen but I was feeling spontaneous! I had to take a pic and play around with my new photo app on my phone: Instagram, and I love it!

I think the other post from yesterday was inacurate on dates, I am currently cd19 and 3dpo! I took opks from cd10 up until cd18 (yesterday) and the darkest line was on cd16 (Monday). I’m planning on testing in 1 1/2 wks, we’re keeping our fingers crossed and praying hard!

I love watching TTC vids from Youtube and this is a girl I just recently subscribed to Kelsey TTC and I absolutely love it, she gets right to the point and I’m lovin this vid she just put up today:


I Ovulated? 5dpo

I think I flippin did?!! I started Fertilaid the Monday after I stopped bleeding (Jan 10th) and I never expected to ovulate…just to get my period sooner, hopefully! Well last Thursday I had some cramps at night and was thinking AF was on her way but they went away within 20 min. Then Friday I had a few more, so I was thinking maybe ovulation? And I also had fertile cm, that never happens! Well the first test on the right was Friday night’s and the other two are from Saturday afternoon. So I think I ovulated on Friday, b/c the test wasn’t as dark as it is now so I’m assuming it was stark red on Thurs…and they say you actually ‘ovulate’ the day after your first positive on a test. So we BD on Thur, Fri, and Sat and I know we’re not supposed to try but oh well? I’m trying and that’s that.

Anyway…this is awesome news, I can’t believe I ovulated on my own!!! Thank you once again Fertilaid 🙂


cd17 & a peak!

ChildproofFor some crazy reason my monitor made me start testing early this month and I was a bit worried b/c I’ve had 9 ‘high fertility’ days and today was my last day to test and it finally said ‘peak fertility’…made me go nuts! So getting busy is the plan for today and the next few days. I so hope this happens this month, I know that we desire a BFP every month, but I go to the RE on Monday and how I would love to show up and them tell me I’m prego…that’d be sweet bliss. I have to get my head out of the ‘baby clouds’ and get back to work. Just some good news to share and that’s all.

Swimming SpermI found this really cute pic today on Flickr, I don’t know if you all would think it’s ‘cute’ but I did, lol!

Dear God,

Please, please, please, OH PLEASE let me get prego this month!


Kicking & Screaming

Can you actually picture an adult kicking and screaming on the floor? Well that is the picture I give you of me after I got an annoying call from the doc’s office. When I went in last month she told me that they weren’t going to have me take the Provera this cycle and to see if I start on my own…and to call if I hadn’t started to come in and get a jump start. Well today is cd29 and I called this morning and they want me to wait till my Jan apt. (Jan 7th) and if I haven’t started by then, then they’ll give me the Provera to start on Jan 11th (that would be a 49day cycle)!!! Can we all say “wow”?! So as soon as I hung up with the nurse I about died.

On a better note the Progesterone test was 18! Woooohoo! That is a HUGE jump from last Ptest: 0.8…that one was really pathetic. So, at least we know that I can ovulate, we just gotta make sure I get knocked up. I so wanted to share a BFP with my family on Christmas day. We went to the Harley shop last weekend for a gift for my uncle and they had the cutest onsie: ‘My granpa rides a Harley’, so cute! I guess if I don’t start by Christmas day (cd32) then I’ll take a HPT one last time and then give up for this cycle. Until then…bah humbug. (sorry)


Sooooo, I’m guessing I’m actually ovulating…it’s odd but exciting! I’m currently on cd15 and I start the dreaded Prometruim bullets tomorrow morning but today I got a peak fertility egg on my handy dandy fertility monitor. Last month I supposedly ovulated on cd12, but I didn’t start using the monitor until this cycle so I’m not sure if that happened or not. So, whoever is reading this…pray to whomever you believe in that this will work for us. I want to beat the odds of us not conceiving. So here’s what I saw this morning (I know it’s not a BFP but at least it’s a step in the right direction)!Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor