Picture Dump…

I have some pics I wanted to share that have no ‘real post’ to go with them so here’s a picture dump 🙂

Some sweet friends of ours got Sofia this cute lil’ owl hat and I WANT IT IN MY SIZE! If only… So I know that “owl’s” are super popular as of today but the true reason we do the owl thing in our house is because the hubb’s father gave him that name when he was born. They have a tradition in his heritage that the father ‘names’ the child when they’re born (think Native American), one brother is Deer b/c he’s smart and you can never get one over him. So the hubbs got this name b/c he opened his eyes straight out of birth and always wanted to look around. His dad said that he always wanted to be on the go and discover new things daily. He just got stuck with the name Owl, “coocoo”. I wonder what Sofia’s name will be?

We went to the zoo on Saturday and it was our first time to have our newest niece, she’s 9 months old and so stinkin cute! After awhile of being stuck in the stroller, the hubbs broke out one of the carriers we got as a shower gift. It was difficult to figure out at first but she fell straight to sleep within 20 minutes! I say it was a big success…plus I noticed that women love a man baby wearing, watch out!


So at the building I work at there are many different offices/businesses. There’s these girls that park wherever they want (even in assigned parking spaces) and then smoke at the building entrance…it drives me CRAZY! The other day when I was leaving for lunch (12pm) this girl parked in the only handicapped spot then gets out in stilettos and prances into the building. I was dumbfounded! Well when I got back (130pm) I couldn’t believe it when her car was still there, so I left her a note for her to question her actions, “Are you disabled”? Oh yes I did, someone needed to…that’s how I justify it 🙂