39 weeks!

My last few days of having a baby in my belly are coming to an end, here’s my final belly pic 🙂Here are a couple of maternity pics I took myself this week too…


38 weeks & doc apt.

Only 1 week left till my induction…ahhhhh, can’t believe it, it’s crazy! It’s fast approaching and I can’t wait to meet my little angel, gift from God. Things are pretty much the same, just more anxiety about pushing her out and how I’ll react with her but I have been waiting this day for so long.

I had a 3lb weight gain this week alone, WOW! But baby is healthy and as long as she’s good I’m okay to gain 50 if need be. I am almost 2 cm dilated and 50% softened so we’re still good to go on next Wednesday!

37 weeks & doc apt.

I have finally reached 9 months pregnant, full term this week! Nothing new other than more cramps/small contractions…but I’m sure they’ll get much worse before this is all over!! Last night I had leaky boobs, say what! Yes leaky boobs, I’ve heard this happening to other pregnant women but it amazed me that this actually happened to me! After having so many issues with my body it’s amazing that my body is doing what it should on it’s own, getting ready for being a mom.

37 wk. apt. went great: 111/74 BP, 1lb loss (9lb gain total), 1 cm dilated, and I started loosing my mucus plug! We set the induction date for Nov. 9, that’s the only way the hubbs will be able to be there. My mom seems to think she’ll be here sooner than the 9th but lets hope not…I will really need the hubbs!

I keep trying to process this whole thing, how I even deserved to recieve this miracle to begin with and wondering what God will do with her life. I’m over-joyed of the possibilities that are in place and couldn’t be more thankful for this gift. I just can’t wrap my mind around me becoming a mom in 15 days, it’s a miracle. Nervousness and excitement are all I have now, sleeping isn’t possible…it’s like I’m 5yrs old on Christmas Eve waiting to see what I get Christmas morning. God is amazing and I hope I can be the mom Sofia deserves, we love her so much already.

36 weeks & doc apt!

36 weeks and OMGeeee! Little miss has been making my belly all ouchy! Saturday it all started with a lightning bolt through the nether regions and then resulted in a 3 day cramp fest. Everytime my stomach starts to cramp up I’ve been resting and taking it easy but today at my 36 week apt the doc said that I should take Tylenol and go for a mile walk…um I guess so 😦 So as of today I’m not dilated yet but my cervix has dropped more and is a ‘dimple’ so she described it. Yay for progress but still not enough.

35 weeks!

Almost there! The only real new thing has been crampy in the tummy area but other than that I’m pretty much feeling all the same ole’ things! She’s growing and is absolutely perfect 🙂

34 weeks!

Only 2 weeks away from full term, say what?! I started feeling like I’d be loosing something as soon as she’s here, but then I’m calmed with the thought of cuddling her whenever I choose to. I’m loving every single moment of this and I never want to forget what it’s like to painfully roll out of bed 3-5 times a night because she just punched me in the bladder. I love it.

33 weeks!

Yay for honeydews…yum! She’s still a growing, not much different but more weight gain 😦

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