2010 was the year of miracles…

Here’s my list of accomplishments of 2010 ‘The good, the bad, and the ugly’:

1. Happy to get my hubby back after a long freakin dep!

2. I went snowboarding for the first time ever!! I wasn’t amazing or anything but I did learn to do flips 🙂

3. 7yr anniversary trip was amazing, I love the hubbs so much more  than I ever thought possible. He is an amazing man and I am one luck gal.  

4. I booked my 1st paid wedding! I had been waiting for this day and I was so proud!

5. Our annual trip to Cali to visit family was a huge success! I met 2 future sister-in-laws who are absolutely amazing, learned some more Spanish, and got to visit some cool places!

6. We made great friendships, had awesome bbq’s, and enjoyed family out by the pool!

7. The month of life and death. As I said goodbye to a dear family member, I said hello to a new one. My cousin Terry died tragically in an accident the same day my bestfriend’s second daughter was born. I was photographing my first birth when I got the news…that was a hard day.

8. We added a new member to the family: My Else…Audi A6! She’s an oldie but ever so faithful!

9. I had an awesome bday (I was a bit sad turning 26) so they made it one special day for me! I got a special made bunny cake from my favorite 3 yr old (Faith) and a fun night out with friends!

10. My cousin, Tracy, was telling me about a medicine (all herbal) to try called Fertilaid for ttc. She had done extensive research to find what was wrong about it and to see why so many people were taking it…so I bought two months worth to give it a shot! Here’s to hope.

11. Dec 15, 2010 was the happiest day of my life thus far (besides when I said ‘I do’)…we found out we were PREGGERS!! In the almost 8 years we have been married we have never once saw a glimmer of hope and then it finally happened! A true miracle. I took 5 tests, I couldn’t believe it!

12. We welcomed our 1st neice: Onyx Pixie Gaige!

13. Witnessed the Lunar Eclipse on Dec. 21, 2010 in the wee hours of the morning, the hubbs woke me up and I grouchily went out side to fancy him. He took the photos, I take no credit…I wish I could b/c they’re fantastic!!

14. Worst day ever…Dec 27, 2010 – No heartbeat. I was a mom for 8 short weeks.

Resolutions for 2011?

1. Try to stop being bitter 2. Get Preggers and STAY that way 3. Blog more

*Next post I’ll try to share my baby story…I think it’ll be good for healing purposes, I need to find something that helps b/c of now nothing is working. I’ve tried crying (and I can’t seem to stop), I’ve tried comfort food and all I’ve done is gain weight, I’ve tried being bitter and hating pregnant women, I’ve tried praying for release of pain and all it took away was the physical but left the emotional. I hate emotional healing, it takes for freakin ever.






What do resolutions mean? I always make them but it never seems to amaze me at how easy they are to ‘overlook’ or ‘forget’. I also never really remember what they were but I think last years was to:

1. Loose weight (on everyone’s list), 2. Become a better wife

Now as this year is upon us I think about what I want to strive to accomplish and then I think if it’s even possible!! Here’s to 2009 and my resolutions:

1. Become pregnant, 2. Tithe, 3. Be a better friend