Little Eli or Little Sofia?

Yesterday was an amazing day, finally got to wrap my arms around the hubbs and he finally got to see my belly in person, we listened to the hb and he was in awe 🙂 It’s hard that he’s missed half my pregnancy but that’s what work will do to you, we just move on and know it’ll always get better. Dinner with the family and our close friends was nice, expensive, but oh so yummy! The best part is where we opened the present to find out if it was a baby Eli or a baby Sofia…

We were taking a vote as to what the little one was, 90% said boy and only 10% said girl!

It’s little Sofia!!!!!! Everyone was pretty much wrong :p, we’re so thrilled and so very nervous at the same time. Our little girl is loved so much, she will never understand how many people truly love her and have prayed her into this world. She’s blessed.

My mom went a little over board and kept giving us stuff, but we’re so thankful, and they were so cute too!

Next apt. is at the high risk ob in 4 weeks! She’ll confirm and do all the important measurements. It’ll also be the first ultrasound the hubbs has seen/been to, can’t wait!