The waiting game, does anyone ever win?

I hate playing the waiting game…it’s seriously killing me!! Today I am 5w4d and they took another blood HCG test and I’ll get the results tomorrow before lunch sometime but I want the results NOW! It’s so hard for me, I have no patience 😦 We’re crossing our fingers for at least an 800 but would be amazingly pleased with a 1500…but we’ll have to wait and see. The prego symptoms have hit me head on but not as bad as I’m assuming they will next week but I’m ready and willing to take them all on!

I never posted this but still wanted to share…I took the hubbs to his first ever Monster Jam, he’d never been before so I had to show him how us Texans do it! I remember going to my first monster truck show when I was barely 7-8ish and I had such a great time. This year it was at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Tx and wow was it huge! We took some of my family and had an awesome time.

And…one final one with just the two of us, my new favorite pic and the one on our fb profile page 🙂