California Trip 2011

We had such a good time in California, we’re sad to leave…as per usual 😦 Now…fitting all of Sofia’s stuff in the trunk is another thing! We took my baby brother with us and on the way the back seat was pretty full but on the way home it was pretty much stuffed like a calzone! He was a pretzel in the back seat trying to sleep, I bet he was happy to get home in a real bed! It was the longest trip he’d been on. We go to visit Morro Bay for the 4th of July, we had a surprise baby shower for Sofia and we even got to go up to 3 Rivers! It was an awesome week, long and fun!

Picture overload…but there’s so much to show!



My name means serene…that’s nothing like me! But thie beautiful sunrise was more than serene! (oh and it was taken from my handy dandy iphone) Galveston Sunrise 6.11.09

Back home and back to ‘real’ life ;(

Galveston was fun but wow was it a trip, my brother’s drove me insane!!! But in the end I have to think if that was odd in any way being that they’re my brothers! It started out stressful b/c my mom was just admitted to the hospital. She had an infection and was one of the few that bottomed out on her white blood cell count…no immune system! She insisted that we still go so we did but we were so worried for her wellness. Gabe was feeling so alone all by himself so we came home early and he finally got some rest…I’ll have some pics up later on this week (I’m at work now and shouldn’t even be blogging). Here’s one of my mom with my mini-me this past weekend at our family reunion: Mom & EJ And EJ has become this ‘hot shot’ skater…he made me take pics of him, so cute! I totally remember when I was this age and it was allllllll about me 🙂 EJ & his new board!