Why does Wednesday feel like Monday?

Yum!So I’m a vegetarian and have been for quite some time now (4 1/2 yrs) and I have found so many things I love and on the other side I know what not to eat! Morning Star Farms does it okay, some of their things aren’t so good while others are just blah…well I gave in and bought the Buffalo Wings (they’re fake of course) and wow, so good! I paired them with a roll, so Chik-fil-a can eat that! That’s just my proud moment.

What should I name her?The pool is almost there, trying to get Gabe to work on it more but I’ve learned that if you push too much they do less. Over time you learn what buttons to push to get him to do more. I have a honey do list but he totally surprised me on Monday…he bought me a new fridge!! So I guess I have to back off a little bit, but when the newness wears off (I don’t think that’ll ever happen) I’ll start after him again. I love it but waiting for it to get here is killing me!

I have two funny stories…don’t kill me Erin!

1. We have VBS this week at my church and I, along with another, are doing crafts for the 3, 4, & 5 yrs olds. One of my little darlings is 4, mind you she’s 4 going on 30, and wiser than some women my age. She was rambling as she was coloring and all I caught was, “Jon and Kate aren’t staying together”…I dropped dead in my tracks and asked her where she heard that. She said, “my mom told me, Jon and Kate don’t love each other anymore and they’re not going to live together anymore.” I love this little girl, she is so smart but even more, her mother had to tell her something and I think she hit the nail on the head!

2. Gabe and I were on our way home from getting shakes last night and he told me he saw a movie yesterday afternoon and it made him cry! I couldn’t believe it b/c the saddest movie I’ve ever seen with him was ‘The Boy in the Striped Pajamas’ and he didn’t cry then. So I asked him what it was and (are you ready) he said ‘Bolt’. I died laughing, maybe I offended him but Bolt? I love that man. He said it was especially sad b/c the dog was looking for his girl that didn’t love him anymore. So he let the doggies in last night, mind you he rarely does this.