It’s been one of those days…

Wow, that’s all I can really say because nothing can truly explain how horrendous yesterday was for me. AF came on Sunday and yesterday a sharp pain came and stayed for quite some time, I think it just triggered the physical pain from the mc and my emotions went all over the place. I had no hope but a negative Nancy attitude so if that doesn’t give you an idea of my day I don’t know what will! Well today is cd4 and I’m taking this cycle:
Met 1000mg, Clomid 100mg cd3-7, Fertilaid 3daily, Fertilcm 3 daily

We’ll see how it goes and we’re praying for another awesome month of trying, like my friend told me ‘it only takes one time to work’.

Today was DFW’s 5th snow day, yes you read that right, 5th! It was freakin cold, I woke up cold, I slipped on the floor after deicing my car, and drove all the way to work going 15mph! I hate it when it’s cold!

We’re not ‘sports’ people but we enjoy good company so Superbowl Sunday had to be full of fun, food, and commercials! I made creme filled pumpkin footballs, they were yummy but next time I think I’ll use gingerbread instead of the pumpkin. I think pumpkin cake is only good homemade, my mother’s pumpkin cake is to die for and it’s a huge hit at any family gathering.




If you don’t read 999 Reasons to laugh at Infertility then you should because it’s hilarious! There was a comment on a post from the other day that has stuck with me since and I love it. It sort of defines my life thus far! So signing out till next time, ‘I have more artificial hormones in me than a fake chicken’!



Snow & Ice Oh My

So…it has snowed/iced since Monday evening!! This was what I woke up to yesterday morning 🙂 It was beautiful, I love it when everything looks like it was dusted with powdered sugar! The roads were beyond terrible but the boss still expected me to go in but the hubbs wasn’t letting me drive…so I got chauffeured in. This morning I woke up to a site similar to yesterdays but we had to off road one of our cars b/c the one behind it wouldn’t start, the battery was dead 😦

We have an extra room in our house and we’re turning it into an office!! It’s been so many different rooms b/c we have no one to fill it up with so we decided to make it an office. Here’s the before picture (it’s iphone quality b/c the nice camera’s battery was dead) and I’m about halfway done. I’ll upload finished ones next week! So excited, I’m falling in love 🙂

Today I am 12dpo, I tested yesterday at 11dpo and it was a BFN…I could have sworn I saw a second line but the hubbs thought I was just imagining things so I’m testing again tomorrow and then again at 14dpo, 15dpo, and 16dpo. I hope by then I’ll actually see something or AF will finally show up. We really want to try again soon but if we’re not pregnant then we need AF to show up so we can get to trying 🙂 I only have one cycle left to try till Julyish time b/c of the hubb’s job.

Here’s to our fingers crossed!

Icy Wednesday

I got to sleep in this morning and I loved every second of it!! Here in Texas we have what is known as ICE, not snow but scary ice that can be deadly. My boss texted me this morning and said to wait till 10 for updates on when we were coming in the office. 10 comes and then he says wait till 11…I was so in Heaven right then! Then 11:15 comes and I have to go in, I was hoping he’d say ‘just stay home, I’ll see you tomorrow’, but no…not the case. As soon as I walked out the door I had to take a pic, it was so beautiful but very dangerous. Here’s my iced in car that was almost impossible to defrost:My Icy Car

As I turned the corner to head to work I couldn’t see a thing out my passenger window (I guess that was in direct contact with the ice fall last night) and so I had to think quick b/c I couldn’t see a thing and I was already in route to work. I rolled down my passenger window and the ice stayed where it was but the window kept going down…Icy Window

I thought this was the funniest things ever…I had to take a pic, lol!